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Personal Kidney Care Kit ( Urine Albukit )
The motto of our kidney-care kit project lies in following the punch line, that say :
Take care at home of your very-very precious kidney
Without visiting doctors in London, New York, or Sydney.

After an intensive and extensive research work, done at Kanpur Test House, Kanpur (U. P.), a novel life-saving, and simple home test kit has been developed with the help of which any common person can check the true health status of his/her own kidney within seconds.

        The kit, named as ‘Personal Kidney Care Kit’ or URINE ALBUKIT, selectively identifies the presence (or absence) of the urinary protein---albumin. The presence of albumin is a sign of danger for kidney’s health.

        If albumin is present, then this condition is called albuminuria in particular or proteinuria in general. When kidneys are working properly, albumin should not be present in the urine. But somehow when the kidneys are damaged, small amounts of albumin start leaking out into the urine,

which is a red alert indicating some serious threat to kidneys. Such a dangerous condition is often faced by persons suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, etc. The dangerous presence of albumin and other proteins in urine ( which are confirmed signs of kidney damage ) can be detected with certainty by the new kit, and that too at negligible cost.

This kit can certainly save millions of preventable deaths occurring all over the world every year due to undetected kidney damage. This is all because Urine Albukit type facility had never existed earlier in the field of medical diagnostics for personal kidney-care.

The normal concept about the kidney’s health in the mind of a common man is like this : If you ask any common man : “Do you have an apparatus or tool for monitoring your blood pressure or sugar level at your home ?” Then out of 10, surely some 4 or 5 persons would answer “YES” .

But if you further ask them if they are also having the facility to check the state of health of their own kidneys ? Then, the emerging answer would be a big “NO”. This is because such type of facility had never existed in the field of medical diagnosis for personal kidney-care.

         But now to the great relief of the entire human society a discloser is being made here about the invention of a revolutionary, simplest and highly economical diagnostic device called Personal Kidney Care Kit or URINE ALBUKIT. To remain fit and free from kidney complications, occasional testing for the presence of albumin in the urine, through this simple kit of mine, is highly essential even for normal and healthy persons.

By the use of this One-Minute Home Test Kit, it has now become possible to carry out regular detection, prevention, and monitoring of any kind of minor, major, or total kidney damage ; or even one can also come to know instantly about the state of no kidney damage at all. All this can be achieved by testing the presence of albumin in the urine only, and that too within seconds. No blood sample is required for testing the kidney’s health.

The newly invented kit is a boon for the entire humanity for absolutely flawless and quick self-testing of one’s own kidney’s health at the tiny cost that too by sitting within the boundary and comforts of one’s own home or office.

The kit normally eliminates the need for paying any immediate visit to a physician, urologist, nephrologist, or pathologist, but once a positive test for albumin is observed by making use of the new kit, then an immediate visit to the doctor and/or pathologist becomes highly desirable.

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