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Awards won by Urine Albukit’ Technology
Because of its uniqueness, the URINE ALBUKIT has won (in April 2011) DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Program (IIGP) 2011 award from Govt. of India as one of the most promising technologies which has the potential to capture markets in India and all over the world. This award was given by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India, and an American industrial corporation, Lockheed Martin ( aided by Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, FICCI, and the IC2 College of the University of Texas, at Austin, USA ).
In April 2011 award was given by the DST, Govt. of India, and an American industrial corporation, Lockheed Martin   In March 4, 2012, Urine Albukit technology also won the prestigious BizBuzz 2012 Business Plan award by TiE group.
How The Kit Is Used ?
For testing the urinary protein there is required taking a small urine sample (~ 2 ml) in a semi-micro test tube and successively adding on to it a fixed number of two specialty reagents, contained in two separate pressable plastic drop bottles. Hence, no separate dropper is required for reagent transfer. The resultant color reactions are instantaneous, and the end results clearly become visible to the person performing the test.
If the tested urine sample belongs to a person with absolutely healthy kidney, then the kit reagents will show no color reaction at all with the urine, thus giving a confirmed good news of ‘no kidney damage’ of any kind in that case.
The kit carries a color-depicting FIGURE by the use of which a home user can instantly get following types of simple informations about the health of his/her kidney :
quartz technologies Kidney is absolutely safe, disease-free and healthy, and there is no immediate need to visit a doctor's clinic for a kidney check-up.
quartz technologies Kidney has just started suffering some damage, and the person must plan consulting a doctor.
quartz technologies Kidney has suffered moderate damage, and to prevent further damage there is an urgent need to visit a doctor.
quartz technologies Kidney has been severely damaged, and thus there is an emergency state to rush to the hospital to seek intensive medical care so that kidney
  failure could be prevented.
URINE ALBUKIT, is by far a stand-alone product in the world because of the involvement of an entirely different technology and different chemistry, but the companies that are currently marketing the so-called DIPSTICKS or DIP-STRIPS maybe considered as tentative but remote competitors. This is because despite being in vogue for decades, the dipsticks have utterly failed to save lives of the kidney-damaged patients.
Moreover, dipsticks are not meant for use by a common man for urinary protein testing. The companies selling the dipsticks also clearly mention in their literature ( inserts ) as follows : “For professional use only”. Hence, only an expert hand can effectively make use of a dipstick. Thus, dipstick methodology is in no way useful for a common man ; and from the point of view of reliability of results also, the dipsticks stand nowhere before the Urine Albukit.

The results shown by URINE ALBUKIT about the kidney’s health are 100 % accurate as compared to those obtained from DIPSTICKS which are currently being used by clinical biochemists all over the world. One must know that Dipsticks are notorious for giving false results in about 26 % of the urine samples tested.

British and American doctors have already condemned the use of DIPSTICKS more than 45 years ago by publishing their letters of condemnation in medical research magazines like British Medical Journal and Lancet in the years 1965, 1966, and 1967.

Whereas Urine Albukit is a truly protein-detecting device, but Dipstick technology is based on ‘catching’ a change of pH value only, hence quite often giving false results despite being used by expert hands.

Moreover, Dipsticks are not meant for use by a common man. On the other hand, my innovation, Urine Albukit, is absolutely free from all the above noted encumbrances as encountered with dipsticks.
In times to come the entire world community is certainly going to be benefited by the use of my Urine Albukit or Personal Kidney Care Kit. Further, on account of this kit’s utility in quickly identifying the state of kidney damage even at the onset, before it is too late, it will not be wrong to call this kit as ‘Dialysis Warning Kit’ also.