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Public Welfare & Charitable Activities
Working for humanity : With deep concern for humanity, and also recognizing divine powers of the Almighty, we are also involved in carrying out R & D work in social fields for the upliftment of the people sans boundaries. For this purpose we appeal to people from all walks of life as well as the business and industry sectors to donate generously to our non-profit organization, Chemistry For Humanity & Divinity [ CHD ].
CHD is a non-profit organization created for the welfare of entire human society sans boundaries. There are many objectives on which this organization is putting in tremendous efforts to offer the resultant benefits to the society. Analytical chemistry is one of the major tools of CHD by means of which it intends to achieve the desirable results in such fields like Public Health, Food Frauds, Quackery, Adulteration, Fake & Substandard Medicines etc. One of the major objectives of CHD is to popularize natural sciences ( with special reference to chemistry ).

        To achieve this goal, interesting and eye-opening lectures and demonstrations are planned to be given to unravel the secrets of each and every aspect of life including birth, childhood, youthfulness, old age, death, and life-after-death. The chemistry of the universe created by the Almighty God and of the matters produced by Him will be disclosed in most simple and interesting manners understandable even to non-science individuals as well.

No human being in this world has ever claimed to have seen face of the God. Throughout their life span the devotees, monks, saints, etc, deeply believing in the existence of Almighty God, continue to sing hymns or deliver sermons in praise of Him. But alas nobody till this date has been able to describe the facial characteristics of the creator of this universe.

         If we wish to see the God, by face, who has created this world and the entire universe then unquestionably we have to acquire the knowledge of chemistry. The in-depth studies and researches made by Chemistry for Humanity & Divinity are capable to show and explain the true face of Almighty God by depicting the molecular structures of a dust particle, of a sand particle, or a single drop of water, or anything that exists in this world.

The laboratory named Kanpur Test House is the core center of R & D activities of Chemistry For Humanity & Divinity. In this laboratory chemical analysis of many of the consumer products as well as samples from Government bodies are occasionally received and analyzed.