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Water Detector Capsule For Diesel ( Diesocap-H2O )
Water Detector Capsules to Detect Free Water in Diesel Fuel
Chemochem is the one and only Manufacturer, in India, of Water Detector Capsule ( Diesocap-H2O ) for Diesel Fuel
Easiest & Fastest method in the world for detecting the presence of water in Diesel, with high shelf life ( 15 months ) of the capsule
Water is commonly found in diesel fuel due to condensation, handling and environmental conditions.
Water is the most damaging contaminant found in diesel fuel, and it is the primary cause of additional fuel breakdown and has been causing severe problem of engine-damage to vehicles all over the world, costing their owners thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Although most of the diesel fuels generally have small quantity of dissolved water content which is normal and harmless. Typically at room temperature this dissolved water content could be less than 200 ppm . As water content increases or goes over the saturation point or when the diesel cools down, it can no longer exists as dissolved water and becomes present as free water. The water content becomes critical and damaging at concentrations above 200 ppm, so effort should be made to keep water contamination as low as possible. The effects of high or continuous water contamination can lead to:

quartz technologies Fuel degradation quartz technologies Power & Mileage loss quartz technologies Engine Seizing quartz technologies Excessive Smoke
quartz technologies Fouling of injector nozzles quartz technologies Seizure of critical components within the fuel injector units quartz technologies Microbial growth creating sludge in the fuel tank
quartz technologies Corrosion and filter plugging    
For Detecting Free Water in Diesel
Capable of Detecting Free Water < 200 ppm or > 200 ppm

Diesocap-H2O Water detector capsules are designed primarily as a “Yes No” or “Fail, Safe” field test device to periodically check for free water in diesel fuel whose content should be less than 200 ppm.

The method is fast, easy, economical and can be used on site ; it will tell you immediately if there is any free water present in lesser than or in excess of 200 ppm quantity by changing the white powder Color to pink, or dark pink, or purple depending upon the quantity of water present in the sample.(From <100 to> 200 ppm). A color chart is depicted there on the label of the bottle.

Test Procedure
quartz technologies Take around 100 ml of test sample in a dry stoppered cylinder or flask.
quartz technologies With dry hands, take one Diesocap-H2O capsule and pour its contents into the diesel sample. Throw away the empty capsule.
quartz technologies Shake the diesel sample for 10 seconds and then keep it for another 10 seconds for allowing the marker powder to settle down.
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The powder is now examined for any color change---from white to pink, or dark pink, or purple depending upon the quantity of water present in the sample. ( From < 100 to > 200 ppm ). If the white marker powder shows no change in its coloration ( i.e., it remains white ), then the tested sample should be taken as perfectly dry (water-free).
Evaluation of Results :
(A) No color change in the white capsule powder   Diesel Sample is dry (free of water).
(B) If capsule powder shows light pink spots anywhere in the flask   Presence of free water ( below 200 ppm ) is indicated.
(C) If capsule powder shows dark pink or purple spots anywhere in the container   Presence of free water above 200 ppm is indicated.
( Sample is not acceptable )
Note : Pure purple colored spots indicate water content of 500 ppm or much beyond this level.
0 - 100 ppm
> 100 to 200 ppm
> 200 ppm
> 500 ppm
0 - 100 ppm : White color is intact.
100 – 200 ppm : Light pink color.
200 ppm or more : Dark pink or red-purple color .
Packaging & Shelf life
quartz technologies    100 capsules per Box.
quartz technologies The expected shelf life of Dieselcap-H2O is 15 months from the printed date of manufacture.