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Our Team
Dr. G. S. Johar ( R & D Head )
Dr. G. S. Johar  is holding Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees in chemistry subject. He possesses 37 years of university-level teaching, and 45 years of intensive research experience in various fields of science.

He has done comprehensive researches in the fields of analytical chemistry, coordination chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, cosmeticlogy, specialty chemicals, animal foods, oils, and consumer product development. Dr. Johar has also guided research work to about one dozen of the postgraduate chemistry students leading to the award of Ph.D. degrees to them.

Besides holding some PATENTS awarded by the Govt. of India (in 1984 and 1986), Dr. Johar is also credited with dozens of research papers [from 1968 onwards], published in Indian and international journals. Dr. Johar is also credited with hundreds of scientific and public interest articles, published in esteemed print and online newspapers and magazines.

He has also delivered lectures on unusual but much sought-after subjects like –
Intricate relationship of chemistry with human birth,human life, the universe, and the Almighty God;
Quartz Technologies Parapsychology and reincarnation ( life after death );
Quartz Technologies Teaching of Chemistry using Sanskrit terminology;
Quartz Technologies Hidden scientific facts of daily human life, etc.
His hobbies include conservation of nature, saving the lives of sick and hungry animals, fighting against quackery, adulteration, and orthodox traditions.
Sarabjeet Johar ( Analytical Head )

Sarabjeet S. Johar is a chemical scientist who is actively involved in chemical researches in qualitative, and consumer product-chemistry for the past 17 years.

He is also very deeply involved in R & D work in health sector. His area of research work also covers development of new consumer products and kits for common man’s use.

His work for the benefit of the human society as well as the industry is backed by facilities in his own technology-based testing laboratory.