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Water Detector Capsule ( Aviacap-H2O )
Chemochem is Trustworthy Manufacturer & Supplier of Water Detector Capsule ( Aviacap-H2O ) for Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF).
Easiest & Fastest method in the world for detecting the presence of water in ATF, with high shelf life ( 15 months ) of the capsule
The safe operation of aircrafts demands that fuels be free of contaminated  water. Water may be present in fuels in dissolved or un-dissolved (free) form. Whereas dissolved water is supposed  to produces no deleterious effects on the operation of the aircraft ( as long as it remains in a dissolved state ).  Free water in aircraft fuel, even in tiny amounts, produces dangerous ice-plugging and filter-icing of the fuel system at low temperature encountered at high altitudes, causing either a reduction in the fuel flow or  its complete  stoppage, and consequently resulting in  partial or total loss of the engine power.

Free water in the fuel system of an aircraft originates from at least three main sources. First , it may have been carelessly pumped into the aircraft from the airport fuel handling equipment. Second, it may have come from condensation of atmospheric moisture in the vented fuel system of the aircraft. Third, it may also have resulted from precipitation of dissolved water from the fuel itself at low temperatures.

The presence of free water in aviation fuel may also result in freezing damage, water-induced corrosion, microbial growth, microbial-induced corrosion, surfactant contamination, and electrostatic charging. Timely detection of  free water in aviation fuels is therefore of paramount importance. Aviation experts are of the view that instead of testing only nozzle fuels samples, testing of samples from the filter pump, bottom of the tanker, and nozzle should be regularly carried out.
Our testing system presents a highly simple and least expensive technique to detect, in a rapid manner, as low as 10 ppm of free water in aviation and other fuels. The technique involves the use of a novel chemical specialty material filled in gelatin capsules. .
Aviacap - H2O

‘Aviacap-H2O’ is a world class technology that fully meets Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for  detecting ppm quantities of water in ATF and other fuels  and  its   quality  also  conforms to international standards.

Our product has already been accepted and being used effectively by the consumers that are fully  satisfied and are reaping benefits from its use. This is so because we have our own quality control backing with a strong laboratory set up which has resulted in developing our highly efficacious Micro-Water Detector Capsules capable of giving highly accurate results with high rapidity.

Being cost-wise highly economical also, the technology provides a most inexpensive testing device for the aviation industry, VIZ., Airports, Air Cargo Services, Air Courier Services, Aircraft Flight-Training  Schools, Aircraft Charter  and  Rental  Services.

Procedure For The Detection Of Water In The Fuels
quartz technologies ~100 ml of test sample in which water is suspected to be present in un-dissolved or suspended state is taken in an absolutely dry stoppered cylinder, flask or transparent PE bottle.
quartz technologies With fully dry hands, one Aviacap-H2O water detector capsule is taken out from the  bottle  and its contents are emptied into the fuel sample The
  empty gelatin capsule is to be thrown away.
quartz technologies
The mixture is now shaken for 30 seconds and then kept for 2 minutes so as to allow separation and settling down of the marker powder in the test cylinder or flask.
quartz technologies The powder is now examined for any color change  from WHITE to clear PINK or  RED depending upon the quantity of water present in the sample
  ( From  < 15 to > 30 ppm ). If the white  marker powder of the capsule shows no change in its coloration ( i.e., the original white color remains intact) then the tested sample should be taken as perfectly dry ( water-free ).
Note :
quartz technologies A composite fuel sample from top, middle, and bottom layers may be taken if desired, but it is not always essential. Any test sample can be taken for
  testing water content in it.
Evaluation of Results
quartz technologies No  color  change  in  the  white-colored  capsule  powder ( i.e.,  there  is no  pink  or  red  spotting  anywhere ) ------->  Sample  is  dry ( free  of  water ).
quartz technologies  If  the  capsule  powder  shows  pink  or  red  coloured  spots  or  tiny  particles  anywhere  in  the  test  cylinder  or  flask  ( depending  upon  the  quantity  of  water  present  in  the  sample ) -------> a  positive  indication  of  the  presence  of  free  water  in  the  fuel  is  obtained.
 ~ 15 ppm : A few pink or red particles only ;
 20 – 30 ppm : Indication of  clear pink or red color ;
 > 30 ppm : Further increase in intensity of  pink  or red color.
Capsule  powder  remains white
Result : Sample is dry (free of water)
  A few pink or red particles appear
Result : ~ 15 ppm water
  Clear indication of pink or red color
Result : 20 – 30 ppm
  Further increase in pink  or red color
Result : >30 ppm
NOTE : The Above Photos Are of True Experimental Results Performed in Laboratory
Packaging & Shelf life
quartz technologies 100 capsules per Box.
quartz technologies The recommended shelf life for Aviacap-H2O is 15 months from the printed date of manufacture.