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Kanpur Test House
Kanpur Test House (KTH) is an independent testing laboratory trusted by a large number of private and many of the Govt. agencies, and is active in vivid areas of chemical analysis and research.

        In addition Kanpur Test House is actively involved in its own research and development activities, and is also capable of working with other research organizations for project execution studies, studies on food products, food supplements, and micro nutrients, and also development of new testing methods, specialty chemicals, etc.

It carries out chemical analysis of following types of materials :
Consumer Products ( Like Kattha, Paan Masala, Gutkha, etc. )
Quartz Technologies Chemicals
Quartz Technologies Metals
Quartz Technologies Detergents
Quartz Technologies Minerals
Quartz Technologies Water & Effluents
Quartz Technologies Edibles
Quartz Technologies Unknown Materials, etc.
Quartz Technologies Identification of spurious and fake medicines.
Quartz Technologies Finding the chemical composition of various specialty products.
Quartz Technologies Inspection of chemical and consumer product industries as per B.I.S. / International Norms / Specifications .
Quartz Technologies Developing “Detection Kits” for Health, Food and Chemical industries.